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    Conveyor Belt Fasteners

    Air Powered Conveyor Belt Cutters

    Air powered belt cutters are lightweight and easy to handle. They are capable of cutting through rubber and PVC up to 1½” thick. Included with the purchase of an air powered belt cutter is a laser guide (batteries included), a belt marking pen, a sharpening stone, two hex key wrenches, a laser screwdriver, SL-8 spray lubricant, instructions, and a convenient tote bag (not shown).


    Additional 1½” capacity blades may be purchased separately.


    Item Item Code Description
    BPC-1.0 530001 Battery Powered Belt Cutter
    APC-1.0 530002 Air Powered Belt Cutter
    BPC-1.0B 530003 Battery Powered Belt Cutter Spare Blade
    APC-1.0B 530004 Air Powered Belt Cutter Spare Blade
    RNMH-4 530435 4lb Hammer
    NB1 530438 NB1 Cracking Chisel
    Nb2 530439 NB2 Cracking Chisel

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