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    Conveyor Idlers

    Belle Tracker Inverted Vee Idlers

    BBCP inverted vee return idler frames are engineered and fabricated to exceed industry standards and/or customer specifications. Manufacturing techniques include CNC laser cutters and robotic welding. The combination of high-tech manufacturing equipment, AS1554.1 SP welding and our high-quality management/assurance systems ensures all inverted vee return idler frames set a benchmark for tolerance and quality levels.


    The BBCP inverted vee return idler is designed to be installed on the return side of the belt, adjacent to a pair of flat return idlers, on the approach to the tail pulley, counterweight bend pulley, or any other location where belt tracking is an issue. As the belt tracks off, the inverted wing rollers create increased belt tension at the belt edges, resulting in the belt returning to its neutral, centralised position. Because it works on belt tension, there is no steering element involved, so the coefficient of friction between the belt and the rollers, which is a function of many other tracking devices, is not an issue in wet or humid applications. It also has no detrimental effects on belt edges.


    Each inverted vee return idler frame is telescopic to suit multiple belt widths and provide ease of installation. It is supplied standard with BBCP Ultraroll rollers and can be supplied with steel rollers if desired. The BBCP inverted vee return idler is available to suit the following belt widths:


    • 450mm – 650mm
    • 750mm – 1200mm
    • 1350mm – 1600mm
    • 1800mm – 2400mm


    BBCP inverted vee return idler frames are supplied galvanised as standard, with powder coated frames available if required. They are available to suit belt widths from 450mm up to 3000mm and can be designed and supplied to suit any belt width or roller configuration. A variety of idler frame types and sizes are held in stock. Contact us for more information.

    450 – 650 300001 BT450-650
    750 – 1200 300002 BT750-1200
    1350 – 1600 300003 BT1350-1600
    1800 – 2400 300004 BT1800-2400


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