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    Conveyor Belt Accessories


    MAPTSOFT a simple, rugged, handheld device with powerful, yet easy-to-use software is connected via Bluetooth to a reader that scans tags attached to the assets you need to monitor and manage.

    This straightforward setup enables you to capture vital information about every asset within minutes!

    You’ll know:

    • The exact date and time when your assets were last inspected
    • Which assets passed inspection and which didn’t.
    • Which assets were scheduled for maintenance.
    • What maintenance was completed on your assets
    • Which assets were replaced.


    How Maptsoft works

    • Every asset you need to monitor is physically fitted with a durable RFID tag
    • The handheld device connects to an RFID reader that is used to scan each tag
    • Instantly, the device identifies the unique asset for inspection
    • You capture the inspection according to the asset type using a simple drop-down menu and tick-boxes with the stylus pen
    • The software prompts you to input the relevant info for the asset
    • Enter as much as is required for reporting!
    • Within minutes after your inspection, you can share that info with colleagues who can access it from anywhere in the world for analysis

    You simply and securely upload the results of your inspection to the Maptsoft website by plugging the devices into a web-connected desktop/laptop via a USB port. The information is stored in “the cloud” and can be accessed by anyone who has permission – That’s it!



    Features & Benefits

    • Save money by claiming against valid warranties
    • Easily comply with legislated risk assessment, record keeping and reporting.
    • Stay on top of fire suppression systems and battery monitoring.
    • Choose the best assets to improve with the Long-Term Asset Performance Intelligence

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