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    Conveyor Belt Accessories

    Skirt Clamp System

    The BBCP Skirt Clamp System provides an effective solution to eliminate spillage and control dust emissions at conveyor transfer points.


    The system comprises a keyhole channel strip and a captive wedge toggle pin clamping arrangement, which is simple to install.  Standard lengths are in multiples of 2 m, with custom lengths manufactured to suit.


    Once in place, the system provides a strong seal that can be safely adjusted by a single operator.  All installation, adjustment and maintenance work on the Skirt Clamp System can be performed from the sides of the conveyor without entering the live belt zone.


    The BBCP Skirt Clamp System is retrofittable to existing conveyor transfer points of any length and is available in either stainless or painted mild steel.  The BBCP Skirt Clamp system is designed for use with skirting material with thicknesses ranging from 8 to 25 mm.


    Features & Benefits

    • Skirt rubber secured in place by strong clamp plates
    • Vibration resistant toggle pin secures skirting but makes for one handed easy adjustment
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • 2 metre lengths includes 4 plates and toggle pins
    • Available in steel and stainless steel
    • Available in custom lengths
    • Ensures a consistent seal.
    • No grooving or top cover belt damage.
    • Uses skirt rubber 150 mm wide and from 8 – 19 mm thick.
    • Heavy duty components.
    • Quick adjustment
    • All maintenance can be done from side of conveyor.
    • Bar can be tack welded in place, making the unit one piece.

    Item Code Ordering Number Item Code Ordering Number
    Belle Skirt Assembly (2mtr) 310001 BBSC-2000 315001 BBSC-2000-304
    Belle Skirt Toggle Pins 310002 BBSC-TP 315002 BBSC-TP-304
    Belle Skirt Clamp Plate 310003 BBSC-CP 315003 BBSC-CP-304
    Belle Skirt Clamp Bar (2mtr) 310004 BBSC-2000CB 315004 BBSC-2000CB-304
    Belle Skirt Mounting Channel (2mtr) 310005 BBSC-2000-MC 315005 BBSC-2000-MC-304

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