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    Conveyor Belt Ploughs

    Standard-Duty Torsion Ploughs

    The Torsion plough from Belle Banne Conveyor Products is designed for the return side of the belt. Its purpose is to remove any material, rocks or debris from the conveyor belt. It is installed prior to the tail pulley or take up pulleys and protects the belt, pulley and lagging from damage or wear.


    Our torsion arm is designed to apply a light amount of constant pressure to our poly blades which enables it to deflect material off the belt. A design feature of the BBCP Torsion arm is that it is a two-piece clamp arrangement, removing the need to cut or replace poles on seized torsion arms saving time and money.


    If materials are bouncing on the return side of your belts, you may need to include an optional stoneguard on your plough. Fitting between the poly blade and the steel frame, our stoneguard creates a raised shield that repels many of the stones and materials that would otherwise bounce over the frame and cause belt and pulley damage behind the plough.


    Our stoneguards are supplied in galvanised mild steel or stainless steel options, and are available to suit BBCP Torsion Ploughs, HD Floating Diagonal Ploughs and Fixed Diagonal Ploughs.


    The BBCP Torsion Plough is available for standard or heavy-duty applications in galvanised or stainless steel.


    Features & Benefits

    • Protects the belt, pulley and lagging from damage/wear
    • Deflects material from belt from the return side of the belt
    • Applies a light amount of constant pressure to poly blades
    • Two-piece clamp arrangement
    • Standard Duty or Heavy Duty
    • Comes in Mild or Stainless Steel
    • Standard Duty suitable for belt widths 600mm – 2400mm
    • Heavy Duty suitable for belt widths 900mm – 2600mm

    BBCP’s tried and tested primary, secondary and internal belt cleaners, combined with its skirting systems and tracking devices, deliver improved conveyor performance.

    Coal, Iron Ore, Hard Rock, Heavy Metals, Sand and Gravel, Recycling, Power Generation and Steel Mills. Contact BBCP for more information on your application.

    Standard Duty

    Item Code Ordering Number Item Code Ordering Number
    600 210071 BBTP-STD-0600-GALV 215071 BBTP-STD-0600-304
    750 210072 BBTP-STD-0750-GALV 215072 BBTP-STD-0750-304
    900 210073 BBTP-STD-0900-GALV 215073 BBTP-STD-0900-304
    1050 210074 BBTP-STD-1050-GALV 215074 BBTP-STD-1050-304
    1200 210075 BBTP-STD-1200-GALV 215075 BBTP-STD-1200-304
    1350-1400 210076 BBTP-STD-1350-1400-GALV 215076 BBTP-STD-1350-1400-304
    1500-1600 210077 BBTP-STD-1500-1600-GALV 215077 BBTP-STD-1500-1600-304
    1800 210078 BBTP-STD-1800-GALV 215078 BBTP-STD-1800-304
    2000 210086 BBTP-STD-2000-GALV 215086 BBTP-STD-2000-304
    2200 210088 BBTP-STD-2200-GALV 215087 BBTP-STD-2200-304
    2400 210089 BBTP-STD-2400-GALV 215088 BBTP-STD-2400-304

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