Steelgrip Lacing

Time-tested and proven dependable, the strength of Steelgrip lacing is enhanced due to the common bar, which yields a continuous lacing strip for the width of the belting. Thus, the tension is distributed across the entire belt width.

steelgrip fastener

Steelgrip lacing is made from a special steel which allows the points to pierce the  belt carcass, yet the teeth are designed to enter the belt fabric without cutting the longitudinal strength members of the belting.

Application requires a hammer and gauge pin — no further  tools are needed — to assure long life and maximum reliability in lightweight belts.

With long lengths for flat conveyor belt applications, Steelgrip lacing is available in eight styles and an almost endless variety of lengths to suit the specific application. The advantage of long lengths is to assure uniform pull across wide belts, distributing tension of the belt evenly. Steelgrip long-length lacing is available from stock in most popular long-lengths up to 1500mm. Special lengths, including continuous strips for extremely wide belts, are also available. Steelgrip long-length lacing is specially mounted, and shipped in cartons designed specifically for the purpose in order to prevent bending or end damage.

Selecting Steelgrip Lacing Size, Weight & Metal:

Steelgrip lacing comes in eight sizes for belts from 1.6 to 9.5mm thickness. The lacing is cross-scored so that it can easily be broken by hand to fit any belt width exactly. Each box includes lacing, a gauge pin, hinge pins, and installation instructions.


Standard for sizes 00, 1, and 7. Good for abrasion utilizing a low-carbon steel. Galvanizing provides some resistance to elements. Magnetic and poor chemical resistance.

Carbon Steel

Standard for sizes 15 through 45. Good for abrasion, utilizing a low carbon steel which has good forming characteristics that allow easy installation. Magnetic and poor chemical resistance.

Stainless Steel

A nickel chrome stainless steel that offers excellent resistance to fatty acids and wash-down chemicals, also good for mechanical abrasion. Excellent for use where food and sanitation requirements are high. Basically non-magnetic.


Staplegrip Preset Lacing

Staplegrip belt fasteners are unique compared to conventional lightweight belt fasteners, because the staples are clinched 90 degrees to the direction of the pull of the belt. Therefore, it is virtually impossible for the staple to open under load.


 Stapelgrip fastener

Our Staplegrip belt fasteners are also unique. While other brands may be rectangular, with their narrow dimension in line with the pull of the belt, Staplegrip staples are oval-shaped with smooth, rounded edges. This design feature
reduces the possibility of the staple damaging belting fabric.

Traditional Staplegrip Lacing:

Traditional Staplegrip lacing has been an industry standard for years. To install manually, a dispenser allows you to insert the staples smoothly into the fastener strip using the field lacing tool to align the belt fastener across the belt. A light hammer and punch then drives the staples through the belt and clinches the fastener.

Staplegrip Preset Lacing:

Staplegrip Preset Lacing can only be used in hammer driver fixtures. Available in the popular 62, 125, and 187 sizes that fit belts 1.6 to 6.4mm. The lacing is cross scored so it can be easily broken by hand to fit any belt width exactly.


Belle Banne Conveyor Products supplies a complete range of conveyor maintenance products. Categories of mechanical fasteners supplied are bolt solid plate, rivet hinged, staple and lacing fasteners.

To ensure a complete, worry-free service, a range of tools for fastener installation is available, including belt cutters, belt skivers and clamps.

Plategrip Solid Plate Fastener

Plategrip Solid Plate fastener are a compression fastener providing a strong durable splice. Without a hinge pin, the Plategrip fastener provides a sift free splice and is also frequently used in rip repair applications.
Plategrip solid plate fastener
The Traditional Plategrip teeth overlap the edges of the plates and provide extra holding power on thin belts. Passing smoothly over conveyor belt pulleys, Plategrip fasteners allow natural troughing of belts and smooth operation on both sides, through trippers and scrapers, as well as over crowned or takeup pulleys.


All buckets of solid plate fasteners have pre-assembled bolts and bottom plates that utilize our patented system, which includes the use of a special thin metal washer to clinch the bolt to the bottom plate during installation of the belt fasteners. This has proven to be superior to the use of plastic or nylon washers, which can slide along the bolt threads.

Steel – plategrip solid plate fasteners:

Steel is the most common and economical belt fastener material and is the standard for most applications. Steel fasteners are manufactured in a broad variety of sizes and shapes, and are suitable for use in new equipment or as replacement fasteners.

Durgard – plategrip solid plate fasteners:

Durgard is a special heat-treated steel with abrasion-resistant characteristics that provide several times the life of standard steel. Durgard Plategrip fasteners are not recommended for use in highly corrosive environments, but are instead specially formulated for abrasive situations.

Stainless – plategrip solid plate fasteners:

Stainless Steel fasteners are best for applications where erosion is a major problem. Stainless steel is more resistant to abrasions, acids, chemicals, and magnetic attraction than standard steel. Plategrip fasteners are available in complete stainless sets, or with the top plate made of stainless steel and the balance standard steel.

Riv Nail Rivet Hinged Fastener

A design pattern composed of two to eight Riv-Nails allows for the fasteners to be clinched for maximum pull-out  resistance — as the pilot nails do not cut the fabric, but divide it, and allow the rivets to slide between fill and warp yarns.

The Riv-Nail is a compression fastener and, as such, does not  rely entirely on the belt fabric for resistance to fastener pull-out.

Suitable for belt thickness applications 7-22mm and numerous configurations such as R2, R3, R4, R5, R5-1/2, R6 and R8, the CAI Riv-Nail is a perfect solution for quick easy belt maintenance.

CAI also manufactures a range of manual and automated installation tools to make the installation safe, simple and perfect every time.

Riv-Nails are also available in a range of materials to suit the specific application.