Belle Ceramic Lagging

Belle Ceramic Lagging – the original ceramic strip lagging for installation in shop or on site. Belle ceramic lagging is a full 80% tile coverage maximising grip on your conveyor belt.

Ceramic Lagging – Features and Benefits:

Belle ceramic lagging has two to three times the friction of straight rubber lagging. Rubber-backed ceramic tiles with raised “buttons” that embed themselves into the belt’s underside for non-abrasive traction.

Remarkable performance in wet, muddy, or dry conditions.  No sharp bits or harsh edges associated with other ceramic lagging products and is fast with easy installation that doesn’t require removing the pulley from the conveyor.

  •  250mm wide strips
  • CN Bonding Layer for maximum adhesion (16kN/m)
  • 90% alumina ceramic
  • Available in Natural and FRZ compounds
  • 12mm standard thickness, other thicknesses up to 30mm available

Ceramic lagging has many positive attributes. The reasons to apply ceramic lagging for driven or non driven pulleys are:

  • Increase friction between the belt and drive pulley lagging in wet or variable conditions.
  • Eliminate bodily slip between the belt and drive pulley.
  • Eliminate lagging wear for driven or non driven pulleys.

Applying the right lagging material for your specific conveyor system’s needs is crucial to the performance and life of your conveyor belting and the reliability of your conveyor system.

Belle Rubber Lagging

Belle Banne offers high-performance pulley lagging products designed for ultimate performance, while providing product installation flexibility.

Effective lagging allows conveyors to operate efficiently while keeping belt wear to a minimum.  The variation of lagging products available ensures compliance with most lagging applications.

rubber lagging


Rubber Lagging is used to eliminate slip on conveyor pulleys and to prevent premature wear to the pulley shell. Wider strip widths means fewer joint seams and rubber lagging roll availability reduces wastage when lagging a pulley.  Supplied in rolls of 250mm wide, its easy to handle in both shop and onsite applications.

Belle Rubber lagging is available in several configurations for your pulley lagging requirements:

  • 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 20mm thick. Other thicknesses to 30mm avilable on request.
  • Plain and Diamond Patterns.
  • 10mtr and 50mtr rolls mean less wastage.
  • CN Bonding layer provides the highest possible cold bond adhesion figures. (16kN/m)
  • Natural and FRAS grades available.

Belle Rubber Lagging:


  • Based on the design of treads used for car rain tires, the diamond surface pattern splits the film of water and repels it into the grooves away from the pulleys.
  • High-durometer rubber for abrasion resistance and water-shedding.
  • Belle rubber lagging is high friction coefficient.


  • Helps prevent belt slippage in the grimiest environments.
  • Horizontal grooves that trap and repels water from pulleys.
  • Much higher friction coefficient than plain sheet-type lagging.


  • Ideal for compact pulleys and less challenging applications.
  • Raised buttons that channel moisture away from pulleys, while gripping the belt.
  • Ideal or operations experiencing slippage problems.