Belle Banne

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01. Belle Composite Rollers

Belle Composite rollers are the next generation in conveyor belt rollers designed to provide high performance and durability.

02. Conveyor Belt Products

Total conveyor belt maintenance solutions; cleaners, Vee-ploughs, skirting systems and tracking devices. High performance products coupled with market affordability.

03. Conveyor Belt Pulleys

Conveyor belt pulleys by BBCP are world renowned for their exceptional quality and guaranteed performance. Proven processes & designs, manufactured by RAS Industries.


Mining Asset Performance Tracking Software. A simple, rugged, handheld device with powerful, yet easy-to-use software. Maptsoft covers the full conveyor system, pumps and valves, locomotives, fire suppressant and batteries.

06. Mechanical Fasteners

Mechanical belt fasteners are a smart repair option — especially if your priority is a quality splice completed in short order. Combining surprising strength and durability with affordability and easy installation.

07. Pulley Lagging

Our conveyor pulley lagging solutions are among the industry's most original designs: Plain, Diamond, Rubber, Ceramic, Natural and FRAS grades available, several configurations.