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AdvantEdge Primary Belt Cleaner

The Belle Banne AdvantEdge primary belt cleaner is a simple, quick and effective cleaner.

Mounted on the head pulley, it features a single, long lasting urethane blade incorporating the patent-pending “Bubble Back” profile.

This profile ensures constant blade tension as the blade wears and uses more of the blade for cleaning than competitive brands.

The do it yourself maintenance results in fast blade change outs to ensure your conveyor belt stays running when you need it.

The Belle Banne AdvantEdge cleaner delivers effective cleaning without blowing your budget.

To access 2D drawings and 3D models of our AdvantEdge Belt Cleaners – click here



Compact Design

Mounts easily in tight chute locations, and the blade can be mounted in a range of locations.

The AdvantEdge Blade

The unique “Bubble Back” profile creates a varying attack angle and maintains a sharp cleaning edge as the blade wears.

Our urethane formulation and hardness provides the cleaning power of a metal blade.

Blades are easily retro-fitted to other brand cleaners.

Minimal Maintenance

The AdvantEdge cleaner can be installed by the operator with ease. The quick change blade system means blade replacement is fast and allows you to get back to running your belts. Available in Mild steel and Stainless steel and suitable for reversing conveyors.

Available in Mild steel and Stainless steel and suitable for reversing conveyors.


Hard Rock, Sand and Gravel, Recycling. Contact BBCP for more information on your application.

Table of Specification

Belt (mm) Tip (mm) Pole Lgth (mm) Pole Diam (mm) MILD STEEL BLADES
Item Code Ordering Number Item Code Ordering Number
450 400 1250 60 170001 AEBB450x400 170011 AEBB400-B
600 550 1400 60 170002 AEBB600x550 170012 AEBB550-B
750 700 1550 60 170003 AEBB750x700 170013 AEBB700-B
900 850 1700 60 170004 AEBB900x850 170014 AEBB850-B
1050 1000 1850 60 170005 AEBB1050x1000 170015 AEBB1000-B
1200 1150 2000 60 170006 AEBB1200x1150 170016 AEBB1150-B
1350 1300 2150 60 170007 AEBB1350x1300 170017 AEBB1300-B
1500 1450 2300 60 170008 AEBB1500x1450 170018 AEBB1450-B
1650 1600 2450 60 170009 AEBB1650x1600 170019 AEBB1600-B
1800 1750 2600 60 170010 AEBB1800x1750 170020 AEBB1750-B