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U Belt Secondary Cleaner

The original Belle Banne U Belt secondary cleaner is unmatched for superior cleaning efficiency – especially in tough applications requiring the removal of wet and sticky material.

The patented U shaped blade conforms to the belt allowing the carbide tips to scrape stubborn materials off the belt while the rubber backing squeegees wet materials.

The dual spring tension system maintains low, uniform blade pressure across the entire belt width. The U shaped blade of the U Belt Secondary Cleaner and offset pole intensify cleaning power in the material carrying centre of the belt.

The U Belt is unbeatable as the final cleaner in a complete cleaning system. Teamed with a Belle Banne primary cleaner, the Belle Banne U Belt delivers results that are unmatched for cleaning performance and efficiency

The Belle Banne U Belt secondary cleaners can remove up to 97% of your carry back when teamed with a Belle Banne primary cleaner.

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The Belle Bane U Belt is “Unique” in its shape. The U shaped blade maintains maximum pressure in the centre of the belt where the majority of the material builds up.


The Cartridge blade means that blade removal and replacement can be achieved in just minutes.


The spring adjustment system makes for a quick visual check to ensure the

Belle Banne U Belt is suitably tensioned. Look for a 1-2 mm gap in the spring coils.


The cleverly designed blade stop ensures that when the blade has been

fully exhausted that the cleaner stops travelling and prevents unnecessary

belt or cleaner wear.

Table of Specification

Belt (mm)   Pole   Lgth (mm) Pole Diam (mm) MILD STEEL STAINLESS STEEL
Item Code Ordering Number Item Code Ordering Number
450 1450 48 140001 UBB450 145001 UBB450-304
600 1600 48 140002 UBB600 145002 UBB600-304
750 1750 48 140003 UBB750 145003 UBB750-304
900 1900 48 140004 UBB900 145004 UBB900-304
1050 2050 48 140005 UBB1050 145005 UBB1050-304
1200 2600 60 140006 UBB1200 145006 UBB1200-304
1400 2800 60 140007 UBB1400 145007 UBB1400-304
1500 2900 60 140008 UBB1500 145008 UBB1500-304
1600 3000 60 140009 UBB1600 145009 UBB1600-304
1800 3200 76 140010 UBB1800 145010 UBB1800-304
2000 3400 76 140060 UBB2000 145060 UBB2000-304
2100 3500 76 140011 UBB2100 145011 UBB2100-304
2400 3800 76 140012 UBB2400 145012 UBB2400-304
3000 4400 76 140013 UBB3000 145013 UBB3000-304