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Belle Composite Rollers

Belle Composite rollers by Belle Banne Conveyor Products are the next generation in conveyor rollers designed to provide high performance and durability, whilst weighing up to 60% less than conventional steel rollers.

Combining cutting edge polymer technology has led to the introduction of the Belle Composite range of conveyor rollers.

Unlike other Composite rollers, Belle Composite Rollers are available in a range of materials including Nylon, HDPE, and the new FRZ material approved for use in underground applications.


  • Weight reduction up to 60% of a steel roller.
  • Lower roll maintenance requirements.
  • Lighter weight construction will reduce the potential for lifting (back) and pinch point injuries.
  • Fire Resistance and Anti-Static Compliance for use in underground applications.
  • Smart design reduces heat build-up and friction.


  • Up to five times longer operational life over steel rolls.
  • Substantial reduction in system power requirements.
  • Ave 10dB drop in sound emissions over steel rolls.
  • Longevity of composite rolls will dramatically improve conveyor uptime and productivity.
  • Smart component configuration has improved overall operational performance over competitive rolls.


  • Reduction in work related injuries.
  • Reduction in cost of spares.
  • Reduction in conveyor damage and downtime.
  • Reduction in labour costs.
  • Electricity usage savings.
  • Reduction in noise violations.




Features and Benefits

Why Choose Belle Composites?

Corrosion Exposed steel continually oxidizes. Rust on rolls causes premature failure resulting in costly downtime and under utilised components. Composite materials designed specifically to cope with corrosive environments
Abrasion Abrasive materials along with corrosive action causes premature wear and failure of the shell Composite material range designed to offer superior resistance to steel and other composite materials (Sand / Slurry Tests)
Weight Increased on site work injuries, high worker’s compensation claims. Increased fatigue as a result of carrying heavy steel rolls. Increased cost of spares due to poor maintenance, belt downtime. Up to 60% weight reduction over comparable steel rollers. Ability to safely carry multiple rolls. No specific equipment required for larger roll installations.
 Safety  Work related injuries as a result of heavy lifting and more time on the conveyor.  Composite materials make overall weight of roll considerably lighter. Hollow shaft technology can further reduce overall weight of a roll. Large diameter stationary rock shield offers barrier to spillage that may trap roll movement and abrade bearing housing.
 Sealing  Premature roll failure due to ingress of moisture and dust into the bearing.  Sealing arrangements to suit your specific application (moisture/dust). Industry leading seal designs. Independently tested.
 Increased Power Requirements  Design requirements increase to handle roll performance specifications.(Breakaway   mass and Seal Drag) Costs associated with operating a conveyor dramatically increase.  Low breakaway mass and running friction numbers, without sacrificing seal/roll performance. Power required to drive system can be reduced by up to 30% per   system. Immediate cost savings. Lower your site carbon footprint today with Belle Composite Rollers
 Fire Resistance Compliance  Many Composite rollers are not Fire Retardent meaning underground applications cannot take advantage of weight reductions  FRAS roller meets Australian standards for Anti-Static and Flame Retardancy use in Underground Mines.
 Anti-Static Compliance  Other Composites are unsuitable for use underground.  FRAS roller meets Australian standards for Anti-Static and Flame Retardancy use in Underground Mines.
 Noise Pollution  Costly citations due to elevated noise emmissions. Failing componentry sound   emissions not audible.  Rolls on average +/-10dB lower than steel rolls. Implies up to 90% quieter than steel. Lower noise emmissions allow for improved problem identification as well as a safer working environment.
 Toxicity Levels  Fatal results due to inhalation of toxic fumes. Particularly relevant to confined   working areas.

Rolls designed using non lethal composite materials.
Independent testing data available.

 Chemical Resistance  Premature roll failure due to chemical   attack to the composite material. Belle’s range of proprietary materials means we have rolls for various applications, such as sulphuric acid applications (HDPE)
 Design Flaws  Steel rolls have inconsistent scale quality. Other brand Composites have difficulty achieving strenght on wider widths Belle materials offer no design restrictions for length and load requirements. No sections welded together. Rolls manufactured very tight tolerances. TIR of less than 0.3mm


Belle Composite Rollers
Belle Composite Rollers  
 Belle Composite Rollers  
 Belle Composite Rollers  

Table of Specification

Belle Composite Specification Chart

Spun Cast Manufacturing Method Extruded HDPE
ISO 9000 ISO Certification ISO 9001
Tested in accordance with SANS 1313-3:2012 Conveyor Belt Idlers Part 3 Manufacturing Compliance Tested in accordance with SANS 1313-3:2012 Conveyor Belt Idlers Part 3
BELLE Manufacturer BELLE
Composite Nylon Shell Construction Composite HDPE
Re-inforced Nylon Bearing Housing Re-inforced HDPE
2500mm Single Longest Roll Length 2500mm
 Poor Sulphuric Acid Resistance  Excellent
114, 127, 152, 178 Diameters (mm) 114, 127, 152, 178
B through F CEMA Rating

B through F

Up to 60% Weight reduction over steel Up to 60%
10, 15, 20 standard Wall Thickness (mm) 10, 15, 20 standard
25 – 65 Shaft Diameter (mm) 25 – 65
Greased For Life Ball Bearing Bearing Type Greased for Life Ball Bearing
URB / LFD (others available) Bearing Manufacturer URB / LFD (others available)
Non Contact Centrifugal Seal Seal Type Non Contact Centrifugal Seal
Pending Fire Resistant Not Available
Pending Anti Static Not Available