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Belle Inverted Vee Tracker – return tracker

The Belle Inverted Vee Tracker – Return Tracker is an economical solution for belts that continually track off. Installed on the return strand of the conveyor, just ahead of the tail pulley, the Belle Inverted Vee Tracker – consistently trains the belt onto the tail pulley and positions it for loading of product onto the centre of the belt. The Belle Inverted Vee tracker can also be installed just prior to a known area of mis-tracking on your belt line.

The telescopic design means the Belle Inverted Vee Tracker can be fitted to varying belt widths.

The Belle Inverted Vee Tracker comes standard with Belle Composite rollers.


  • Corrects belts that mis-track to one side of the structure.
  • Uses Belle Composite rollers.
  • Also available with Steel Rollers.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Effective and economical way of preventing belt and structural damage caused by mistracking


  •  Telescoping, adjustable frame catering for various belt widths.
  •  Compatible with reversing belts.
  •  Works well with belts with edge damage.
  •  Compatible with vulcanized belts or mechanical fasteners.
  •  Comes pre-assembled.
  •  Immediate results.
  •  Corrects belt mis-tracking up to 20 meters pre and post installation position



– Economical Inverted Vee design provides quick results for simple tracking issues

– Available in a range of sizes for belt widths up to 1800mm

– Available with steel rollers or Lorbrand Composite Rollers

– No pivot point or guide rollers required

Table of Specification

Belt (mm) MILD STEEL
Item Code Ordering Number
450 – 650 300001 BT450 – 650
750 – 1200 300002 BT750 – 1200
1350 – 1600 300003 BT1350 – 1600
1800 – 2400 300004 BT1800 – 2400