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HP Belt Cleaner

The Belle Banne HP Belt cleaner has been the leader in belt cleaning technology for more than 30 years.
The original HP Belt cleaner  was developed by Belle Banne as a primary belt cleaner suitable for demanding applications.
Whether it is the only cleaner in use on a conveyor, or the first in a high performance cleaning system, the Belle Banne HP Belt cleaner should be your first choice.
Available in all  sizes to suit your belt width, and in a range of materials to optimise life and performance, the Belle Banne HP Belt cleaner provides multiple options to suit your cleaning needs.

The HP Belt Cleaner by Belle Banne Conveyor Products is suitable for all belt widths from 400 mm – 3000 mm.

HP Belt Cleaner Features


The HP Belt cleaner consists of individual 200 mm segmented blades, each one mounted on a rubber cushion. Separate blades ensure constant blade to belt contact on uneven surfaces, guaranteeing maximum cleanliness.


Belle Banne has long been the leader in its class when it comes to urethane. Our urethane has a proven track record for consistent wear and long blade life. No other urethane blade comes close.


The HP Belt cleaner is positioned on the head, or discharge pulley, and  sits out of the flow of regular material in the conveyor chute or transfer, ensuring the cleaner does not become bogged in material.   5 different suspension arm sizes are available to match your pulley diameter, and make certain that the cleaner is positioned correctly for optimum performance every time