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R Belt Secondary Cleaner

The Belle Banne R Belt secondary cleaner has been a successful secondary cleaner for over 30 years. Designed for use in reversing applications, and teamed with a Belle Banne primary cleaner, or by itself, it has proved effective in maintaining a clean conveyor belt across diverse applications.


Ideally positioned just back from the head pulley, the Belle Banne R Belt secondary cleaner is compact enough to fit in most chute applications and sits close enough to the pulley to ensure the material fines are directed back into the regular material flow.

Available in all sizes to suit your belt width, and in a range of materials to optimize life and performance, the Belle Banne R Belt cleaner is a smart choice if you want to eliminate carry-back from your conveyor system.

The cleaner is easily adjusted with a single bolt on each side. Build up of residue is reduced by the high quality polymer deflectors. It is easy to install and only needs a vertical height of 200mm so making it compact. The R Belt is ideal on reversing belts and conveyors which runback.

The Belle Banne R Belt secondary cleaners can remove up to 97% of your carry back when teamed with a Belle Banne primary cleaner.

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The R Belt cleaner consists of individual 150 mm segmented blades, each one mounted to a durable rubber cushion. Separate blades ensure constant blade to belt contact on uneven surfaces, guaranteeing maximum cleaning performance.


Belle Banne has long been the leader in its class when it comes to tungsten. Our tungsten has a proven track record for consistent wear and long blade life.

No other tungsten blade comes close.


The R Belt Cleaners symmetrical cushion design ensures the R Belt tips meet the belt at 90 degrees to maximize cleaning performance regardless of the direction of travel of your conveyor. Optimally positioned off the head pulley, the Belle Banne R Belt cleaner is a compact design allowing cleaned fines to return to the material flow.

Table of Specification


Belt (mm) Tip (mm)   Pole   Lgth (mm) Pole Diam (mm) MILD STEEL STAINLESS STEEL
Item Code Ordering Number Item Code Ordering Number
450 450 1450 60 130001 RBB450x450 135001 RBB450x450-304
600 600 1600 60 130002 RBB600x600 135002 RBB600x600-304
750 750 1750 60 130003 RBB750x750 135003 RBB750x750-304
900 900 1900 60 130004 RBB900x900 135004 RBB900x900-304
1050 1050 2050 60 130005 RBB1050x1050 135005 RBB1050x1050-304
1200 1200 2600 60 130006 RBB1200x1200 135006 RBB1200x1200-304
1400 1400 2800 73 130007 RBB1400x1350 135007 RBB1400x1350-304
1500 1500 2900 73 130008 RBB1500x1500 135008 RBB1500x1500-304
1800 1800 3200 73 130009 RBB1800x1800 135009 RBB1800x1800-304
2100 2100 3500 73 130010 RBB2100x2100 135010 RBB2100x2100-304
2500 2400 3900 73 130011 RBB2500x2400 135011 RBB2500x2400-304
3000 3000 4400 73 130012 RBB3000x3000 135012 RBB3000x3000-304