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You will find a complete list of our conveyor belt products below.

Click on the category to take you to an individual listing of drawings for all available sizes for that product. If your product is not listed do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 9618-9400.

2D drawings will be downloaded in PDF format.

3D models will be downloaded in a zip file.



AdvantEdge Belt Cleaners


AdvantEdge CS (compact space) Belt Cleaners

Poly Pre Cleaner


 H Belt Cleaners


 P Belt Cleaners


 U Belt Cleaners


R Belt Cleaners


Single Pole Vee Plough


HD Twin Pole Vee Plough


Diagonal Plough


P Belt Spray Cleaner

PHS P High Speed Belt Cleaner

PHS SST Belt Cleaner

HCST Belt Cleaner

Standard Torsion Plough

Torsion Plough – Heavy Duty