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    Conveyor Belt Ploughs

    HD Twin Pole Vee Ploughs

    The Heavy Duty Twin-Pole Vee Plough is an effective solution for protecting your tail pulley and belt from damage caused by spillage and debris that finds itself on the inside of your conveyor. Positioned just prior to your tail pulley or just in front of Gravity Take ups, the Heavy Duty Twin-Pole Vee Plough will deflect material from the belt ensuring it does not go around the tail pulley causing damage to both the pulley and your belt.


    The Heavy Duty Twin-Pole Vee Plough has highly durable urethane blades and steel mounting brackets, which fit virtually any conveyor structure. The floating design ensures constant blade-to-belt contact and minimal adjustment over the life of the blade. BBCP’s unique design means that shipping of the plough is contained within one box, and the ability to assemble on-site means no heavy lifting is required to position the plough.


    The Heavy Duty Twin-Pole Vee Plough is ideal for heavy-duty applications.



    Features & Benefits

    • Deflects material from the inside of your belt, protecting your tail pulley and belt
    • Floating design means constant blade contact and minimal maintenance
    • Unique design means for easier handling
    • Available in for belt widths 900mm up to 2500mm
    • Available in mild steel and stainless steel.
    • Available with UHMW blades for long life, or FRAS urethane for underground applications

    Coal, Iron Ore, Hard Rock, Heavy Metals, Sand and Gravel, Recycling, Power Generation and Steel Mills. Contact BBCP for more information on your application.

    Item Code Ordering Number Item Code Ordering Number Item Code Ordering Number
    900 220001 HBP900TP 225001 HBP900TP-304 220037 HBP900TP-B
    1050 220002 HBP1050TP 225002 HBP1050TP-304 220038 HBP1050TP-B
    1200 220003 HBP1200TP 225003 HBP1200TP-304 220039 HBP1200TP-B
    1400 220004 HBP1400TP 225004 HBP1400TP-304 220040 HBP1400TP-B
    1500 220005 HBP1500TP 225005 HBP1500TP-304 220041 HBP1500TP-B
    1600 220006 HBP1600TP 225006 HBP1600TP-304 220042 HBP1600TP-B
    1800 220007 HBP1800TP 225007 HBP1800TP-304 220043 HBP1800TP-B
    2000 220008 HBP2000TP 225008 HBP2000TP-304 220044 HBP2000TP-B
    2200 220009 HBP2200TP 225009 HBP2200TP-304 220045 HBP2200TP-B
    2400 220010 HBP2400TP 225010 HBP2400TP-304 220046 HBP2400TP-B
    2500 220011 HBP2500TP 225011 HBP2500TP-304 220047 HBP2500TP-B


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