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    Conveyor Belt Fasteners

    Riv-Nail™ Rivet Hinged Fasteners

    A design pattern composed of two to eight Riv-Nails™ allows for the fasteners to be clinched for maximum pull-out resistance — as the pilot nails do not cut the fabric, but divide it, and allow the rivets to slide between fill and warp yarns.


    The Riv-Nail™ is a compression fastener and, as such, does not rely entirely on the belt fabric for resistance to fastener pull-out.


    Suitable for belt thickness applications 7-22mm and numerous configurations such as R2, R3, R4, R5, R5-1/2, R6 and R8, the Riv-Nail™ is a perfect solution for quick easy belt maintenance.


    CAI also manufactures a range of manual and automated installation tools to make the installation safe, simple and perfect every time.
    Riv-Nails™ are also available in a range of materials to suit the specific application.

    • Self Setting Rivets in various patterns maximises strength within the belt without damaging the belt carcass
    • Easy hinge pin removal to make belt installation and removal easier in tight situations
    • Cross Scored fastener strips mean any strip can be broken down to match belt width and allows the fastener to trough effectively.


    R2 125 60 3 – 10
    R3 150 60 5 – 10
    R4 230 70 5.5 – 11
    R5 225 80 5.5 – 11
    R5-1/2 300 140 10 – 15
    R6 450 175 10 – 18
    R8 450 263 10 – 18

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