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    Conveyor Belt Cleaners

    H Primary Belt Cleaners

    The Belle Banne® H Primary Belt Cleaner is designed for use on the head or tripper pulley. Whether it is the only cleaner in use on the conveyor, or the first cleaner in a high-performance cleaning system, the Belle Banne® H Primary Belt Cleaner should be your first choice.


    Our H Belt Cleaner has been the leader in belt cleaning technology for more than 50 years and was developed by Belle Banne® as a primary belt cleaner suitable for demanding applications.


    5 different suspension arm sizes are available to match your pulley diameter. These make certain that the cleaner is positioned correctly for optimum performance every time. The H Belt Cleaner consists of individual 200 mm segmented blades, each one mounted on a rubber cushion. Separate blades ensure constant blade to belt contact even on uneven surfaces, guaranteeing maximum cleanliness.


    Available in all sizes to suit your belt width, in stainless or mild steel, and with multiple blade options, the H Primary Belt Cleaner will satisfy your cleaning needs.




    Every cleaner in our H Belt Cleaner range is also available with a Combi LiteTM pole. Utilising proprietary manufacturing techniques, Combi LiteTM poles are produced in a way that minimises localised stresses and are up to 70% lighter than equivalent steel poles.


    Our H-LITETM arms provide even further weight savings. Our in-house engineering design has been able to achieve less than 0.5 mm variation between each arm: the result is no adjustment/packing requirements when coupled with our Combi LiteTM poles. A lighter, safer and quicker install!


    An additional benefit of our Combi LiteTM pole is that it can be used on either H-LITETM, P-LITETM or PHS-LITETM belt cleaners, providing you with an opportunity to reduce inventory costs.



    Segmented Tungsten Blades

    The H Belt Cleaner consists of individual 200mm (8”) tungsten blades, each mounted on a rubber cushion. Separate blades ensure constant blade to belt contact on uneven surfaces, guaranteeing maximum cleaning performance.

    Long Lasting Tungsten

    Belle Banne® has been the leader in its class when it comes to tungsten. Our tungsten has a proven track record for consistent wear and long blade life. No other tungsten brand comes close.

    Optimal Position

    The H Belt Cleaner is positioned on the discharge pulley and sits out of the material flow, ensuring high cleaning performance, whilst ensuring the cleaner does not become bogged in material.

    Available in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Heavy Duty construction and suitable for reversing conveyors.

    Coal, Iron Ore, Hard Rock, Heavy Metals, Sand and Gravel, Recycling, Power Generation and Steel Mills. Contact BBCP for more information on your application.

    BELT WIDTH (mm)
    TIP WIDTH (mm)
    POLE LENGTH (mm)
    POLE DIA (mm)
    450 400 1450 60 SS 110001 115001
    S 110002 115002
    M 110003 115003
    750 600 1750 60 SS 110004 115004
    S 110005 115005
    M 110006 115006
    L 110098
    900 800 1900 60 SS 110007 115007
    S 110008 115008
    M 110009 115009
    1050 1000 2050 60 SS 110010 115010
    S 110011 115011
    M 110012 115012
    L 110094
    1200 1200 2600 60 SS 110013 115013
    S 110014 115014
    M 110015 115015
    L 110016 115016
    1500 1400 2900 73 Braced SS 110017 115017
    S 110018 115018
    M 110019 115019
    L 110020 115020
    LL 110078
    1600 1600 3000 73 Braced SS 110063
    S 110021 115021
    M 110022 115022
    L 110023 115023
    1800 1800 3200 73 Braced S 110024 115024
    M 110025 115025
    L 110026 115026
    LL 110061
    2100 2000 3500 73 Braced S 110062
    M 110027 115027
    L 110028 115028
    LL 110029 115029
    2500 2400 3900 73 Braced SS 110064
    S 110070
    M 110030 115030
    L 110031 115031
    LL 110032 115032
    3000 3000 4400 73 Braced M 110033 115033
    L 110034 115034
    LL 110035 115035


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