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    Conveyor Belt Rollers

    Poly Disc Return Rollers

    BBCP poly disc return rollers are designed for use on the return side of the belt in applications where carryback is an issue. The bearing housing is designed in a way that ensures that, in the event of shell failure, the traditional sharp edge that can “pizza cut” the belt doesn’t exist. Poly disc return rollers are manufactured with either the bearing housings welded to or machined into the steel shell. Subsequently, there is no risk of housings separating over time from factors including loading, moisture ingress and thermal expansion.


    BBCP poly disc return rollers are supplied with 2RS NSK greased-for-life bearings and include double-sided triple-labyrinth seals, plus a dust seal which also includes a labyrinth seal. The poly discs are pressed onto the shell and held in place with steel spacers. They are suitable for use in materials handling applications ranging from the smallest quarries up to major mining operations (iron ore, hard rock, black coal, etc,). Poly disc return rollers are suitable for underground applications and are available with FRAS poly. Poly disc return rollers are also available with a spiral poly ring, which provides more controlled carryback removal.



    Features & Benefits

    • Available in shaft diameters from 20mm to 60mm
    • Available in outside diameters from 108mm to 178mm
    • Suitable for underground applications
    • Available with standard or FRAS poly
    • Available with a spiral poly ring

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