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    Conveyor Belt Accessories

    Impact Beds

    BBCP Impact Beds provide an alternative to impact idlers in the conveyor loading zone. Comprising a base frame with a series of rubber/UHMWPE impact bars, the frames can be supplied with a fixed or adjustable trough angle. The continuous impact bars, with their UHMWPE layer provide low-friction continuous interface with the conveyor belt. This eliminates belt sag that is commonly evident between impact idlers. It also eliminates belt instability often seen in impact idler arrangements. This improves product containment, reducing spillage and fugitive dust. With no moving parts on the BBCP Impact Bed, the maintenance demand in the loading zone is reduced significantly.


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    • Suitable for all applications, even the most demanding.
    • Our impact bed frames can be supplied with a fixed or adjustable trough angle.
    • Low-friction UHMWPE Impact Bars.
    • No moving parts.
    • Available in all belt widths.

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