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    Conveyor Belt Cleaners

    Safety Mandrels

    The BBCP Safety Mandrel comprises a steel pole with nylon outer strips, a removable handle, a locking pin and a keeper chain and shackles. The mandrel telescopes inside the scraper pole and supports the leading end of the pole during installation, or the trailing end of the pole during removal.


    The BBCP Safety Mandrel can be used on primary and secondary cleaners, and through the use of the removable handle, can be used in locations where access to one side of the belt cleaner is limited, by a conveyor drive for example.



    Using the BBCP Safety Mandrel allows a belt cleaner to be removed in a way that:

    • Greatly reduces manual handling,
    • Eliminates hand pinch injuries,
    • Can remain in place without effecting operation of the belt cleaner,
    • Can be used in applications where one side of the belt cleaner is limited.

    Coal, Iron Ore, Hard Rock, Heavy Metals, Sand and Gravel, Recycling, Power Generation and Steel Mills. Contact BBCP for more information on your application.

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